ERGO Baby Carrier Reviews Newborn

ERGO Baby Carrier Reviews Newborn (Teal)

For most parents, getting a good baby carrier is always a great consideration. Most parents even start planning for the baby carrier way before their babies have been born. The ergo baby carrier reviews newborn infant, is one of the best baby carriers and parents usually get excited when sharing their experience. The safety and comfort of any baby carrier are usually a priority for parents. So what makes the ERGO baby Original Baby Carrier a good baby carrier to use?

The Ergo baby carrier will put most of the weight of the baby on your hips. This makes it easier for you to carry the baby for long hours without getting fatigued fast. Ergo baby carriers have been on the market for over ten years and are known to offer consumers comfort and ergonomics. Sharing your experience a new parent is something wonderful but you will need a good baby carrier to have some of the best experiences with your baby. The ERGObaby Original Baby carrier (Teal) is very comfortable with the distribution of the baby weight been key to the comfort of the carrier. Parents need assurance that the carrier will withstand the weight of the baby at all positions.

The Ergo distributes weight evenly between the hips and shoulders making it feel light when carrying the baby.ergo baby carrier reviews newborn Carriers have all the weight on the shoulder region make it difficult for the parent to carry the bay for long periods. The pull of the baby on the shoulders create fatigue. Ergo solves this problem by ensuring weight is distributed to the hip region. The baby is usually cradled into a natural sitting position without causing any strains on their tender muscles. Baby have a natural sitting position that makes them comfortable and being able to create the same conditions on the ergo baby carrier is something awesome.

The three carrying position allow parents to carry their babies in their preferred position depending on what they are doing. You can carry the baby on the back, the front of the hip position safely without putting much strain on your body. Most Ergo baby carrier reviews newborns in the websites have positively praised the fact that the baby is retained in a natural carrying position, and weight is evenly distributed. The baby will remain in a natural sitting position whether on the back, front or hip position. It is a high-quality baby carrier with the strips reinforced with extra stitching for extra durability and safety when carrying the baby. All intersections in the carrier are reinforced with a strong fabric material so that the baby remains safe at all times.

Parents have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns of the original baby carrier available in the market. The carriers are an excellent way to take a stroll down the street with your child without feeling the weight of your loved one. The three carrying positions further make it a joy to handle various tasks. You can easily change the baby position to the front to have some cup of coffee down the street.

Parents are, however, cautioned against using the ergo baby carrier reviews newborn without an insert for small babies weighing between 3.2 to 5.5 kilos. Babies less than four months old have a tender neck that requires support and an insert is a great way to support the baby’s tender back and neck while in the carrier. The carrier and the insert must however not be used for children weighing less than 3.2 kilos. The baby carrier is ideal for carrying baby weighing from just 7 pounds to 55 pounds safely.

It is pretty simple to use and maintain with clear instructions how to properly strap your baby to the back. It is easy to wash with a machine washer and some detergent. Just use cold water and some little detergent and all the dirt will disappear in seconds. It will dry with air, and you will have it ready for the next use. Always try to put the straps on the upper part of the shoulder and to hold them tightly to prevent them from slipping off when carrying the baby. The straps and waist belt are usually adjustable so remember to adjust them properly to keep the baby comfortable and safe.

If planning to make a purchase of a baby carrier, the ergo baby carrier reviews newborn is always a great option that perfectly distributes the weight of the baby on your shoulders and hip area to ensure you remain comfortable much of the time.

ergo baby carrier reviews newborn Pros & Cons


  • Much comfortable to wear for both parents and children
  • When worn correctly it allows for a longer period without sore shoulders and back.
  • More compact (and feels safer) than a stroller in crowded areas
  • When it gets dirty, throw it into the washer to clean
  • No “crotch sagging*
  • Very easy to nursing
  • Easy to use a public bathroom if you have to go while you are baby wearing in public.
  • The teal is a great color!


  • A little expensive, but worth the investment.
  • Sleeping hood is bit tricky to put on you may face baby become hot and sweaty.
  • No extra bag to keep it.
  • Doesn’t come with suck pads
  • No zippered pocket on the Sport version for your keys or cell phone.

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