Baby Carrier Buying Guide Make You Win

Baby Carrier Buying Guide Make You Win

Do you have errands to do and still have a tiny baby or toddler who needs to be carried? Baby wearing is a comfortable way of carrying babies and toddlers as you are out and about or doing your errands. Considered baby carrier buying guide, baby wearing enables you to move about freely and you also get to get things done as your hand will be free. Baby wearing gives you additional benefits such as increasing the bond between you and your baby, reducing postpartum depression after childbirth and soothing grumpy toddlers or colicky babies. The upright position is also good for babies with gas issues or reflux. Going by baby carrier buying guide, it is also seen that baby wearing goes beyond the functional purposes as it enables emotional bonding as well between you and baby. Nothing beats that warm feeling of carrying you baby close to you.

What’s the Best Baby Carrier?

The answer to this question varies according to the following factors by baby carrier buying guide:

  • Who is wearing it (your height and ability to withstand the weight of the baby when you carry him/ her in a certain position?)
  • How old your baby is (It is better to carry babies and infants with front baby carriers as their necks are not yet strong. Toddlers can be carried comfortably on the back as they are bigger and carrying them this way applies less strain on your back)
  • The purpose for which you need the carrier (baby wraps enable a mother to breastfeed comfortably while other types of carriers are suitable for walking around while doing errands)
  • Your personal preference (brand, color, fabric or carrying position)

What should I consider in choosing a carrier?

Choosing a baby carrier that is best for you and baby needs you to consider various factors before to buy. Baby carrier buying guide include following facts:

Comfort, for you

As you will be carrying the baby for a longer duration as you move about, you need a carrier which offers you comfort. A good carrier is one which enables you to carry the weight of the baby without straining your back. It should also have padded shoulder straps so as to ensure that your shoulders do not ache. One with a waist belt enables you to wear it more securely and comfortably. The carrier should also be adjustable so that you may change the baby’s position should you start aching while carrying them.

Comfort for baby

A good carrier is one which is able to secure the baby close to you comfortably. It should also ensure that your baby has enough space for breathing. It should hold the baby firmly but gently. Should you need to breastfeed the baby, this carrier should enable you to do so comfortably. Some front baby carriers come with a removable head support. This is good for infants as their head can lie comfortably with such support as their head and neck are yet to be fully stable.

baby carrier buying guide

Easy to clean

As things are always bound to get messy while handling babies, it is advisable to get a carrier than can be easily washed by machine or hand.


You may want to select a baby carrier that will serve you and your baby for a longer period of time. However, you need to ensure that it will fit well, even as the baby grows bigger.

Personal preferences related to design and style

You may also consider looking for a carrier that matches your personal preferences. Pick one that matches your taste and a color, design and style that you would love to wear.

Factors to consider when you are looking for baby carrier by baby carrier buying guide

You checked through baby carrier buying guide reviews, and observed the different types. Here are important buying guides to consider.

  • Versatility: you can consider versatility of the carrier before you make your choice. As the baby matures, consider whether the carrier can be used all through as he matures to the toddler stage.
  • Comfort for the parent: You have to consider whether the baby carrier would be comfortable for you and your baby. Consider the straps whether they are padded. Have a look at the fabric, as well as weight distribution. It should not discomfort you in any way. It should equally be comfortable for your baby. It should not discomfort or constrict your baby in the thighs and other parts of the body.
  • Sturdiness: the carrier has to be strongly built to support the baby very well. It should have protective features like buckles and so on.
  • It must be easy to use: the carrier must be easy and simple to use. You can easily navigate through the carrier with one hand. It should be constructed such that you can put the baby and carry him out without difficulty.
  • It must be nursing friendly: it should be designed in such a way that you can feed your baby without difficulties. Some of the brands on the market provide these features.
  • It has to be weather friendly: choose a color and a brand that is weather friendly. Avoid dark colors because of heat.
  • It must be easy to clean: Finally, the baby carrier you choose must be easy and simple to clean when you want.

Is Baby wearing Safe?

Baby wearing is a safe practice so long as the baby is well secured and comfortable. However, the baby should be secured well and comfortably and the one using the carriers should ensure comfort both for the baby and them. One should not do activities such as cooking, jogging, jumping or driving while carrying the baby as this exposes them to potential danger. While the baby is being carried, you should constantly check on them to see if they are breathing well and they are well supported by the carrier. Proper use of the carrier ensures that the baby is well supported and that their head, back or neck may not be harmed by the movements. As there are different types of carriers, one should select one that is suitable for carrying the baby at their different age as well as selecting the carriers based on the purpose that they need them for. You may also check out baby carrier reviews such as this so as to be familiar with the brands that are trusted and even recommended by pediatricians. You get to bond with your baby even when you are on the go in a safe way which is comfortable- both for you and your baby.

Every nursing parent needs a baby carrier. Having a baby carrier enables parents to have close monitoring of their kids. Wearing a baby carrier has been part of humanity for centuries. It has become a culture in the western world and they have reasons for that.

There are different types and designs of baby carriers, but the choice you make depends on the age, size, as well as the height of your baby. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, baby carrier makes it possible to hold and have close contact with your child while you go on with your daily activities. These carriers afford nursing parents the opportunity to provide for the physical needs and comfort as they go about performing their other businesses.

Every baby deserves to be taken care of. Some parents consider different factors when they make their choice. Always use a carrier, which guarantees you and your baby comfort. Your baby may fuss at first use of the carrier, but that you not worry you, as time goes on, your baby will become used to that. Ensure that the choice you make hold by it.

How to buy the best baby carrier by baby carrier buying guide

It may not be easy to pick the best baby carrier if you are a first time buyer. That does not mean that you cannot make the right choice. Before you go out shopping, you must make up your mind why you need the baby carrier, and what purposes it would serve for you. Moreover, your baby’s age will help a lot in the choice you eventually make. You must also consider your baby’s weight, and how long you will put that carrier into use. You must have an opinion about all these before you make your choice.

If you consider all these baby carrier buying guide, you are going to make the best baby carrier. Always search for it diligently; you will make the right decision.


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